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Date: Thu 03/21/19 12:40PM
From: udnesaxbau

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Date: Wed 11/29/17 1:31AM
From: Romain and Wendy

Message: Cannot recommend more Madagascar green tours! Baba and his team treated us so well for our honeymoon in Madagascar.
We had Andry as guide/driver and he was amazing and spoke very good english! We did the South tour (RN7) and Andry managed to explain us some of the culture, the different tribes, found a c*** fighting game to watch in a small village, the Zebu market in Ambalavao, all the way to Tulear and Ifaty where they organised a romantic room on the beach! We had a last minute change to go back to Tana a day early. Baba managed to organise a day trip to Ambaside and see the Indri lemurs (with Eric as guide/driver).
If you ever need a tour in Madagascar, custom made or not, Baba and his team will deliver!

Date: Mon 11/20/17 2:16AM
From: Melinda Griffiths

Message: We had a wonderful trip to Madagascar in Aug 2017 with Green Tours. Baba took care to craft an itinerary that was right for us and our budget and he and his team really looked after us. Our trip involved multiple forms of transport and several people and it all went smoothly. Our driver Eric and guide Anthony went out of their way to show us the special parts of their country. Many thanks also to our river guides and 4x4 driver. We came back with many wonderful memories. I highly recommend this travel company!

Date: Mon 08/14/17 1:06AM
From: Courtenay Schurman

Message: Baba and Andry,
A million thanks again for the fantastic tour from July 17-August 3, 2017. We have many fond memories, along with thousands of bird, lemur, landscape and special moment photographs. Baba adjusted our itinerary wishes both before and during the tour as our plans changed, and Andry was always cheerful, prompt, and knowledgeable about where we were visiting.
We loved our stays near Isalo, Ranomafana and Andasibe National Parks and also visited Zambitse, Anja Reserve, Lemur Island, Peyras Reptile Farm, and Palmerium Reserve. Each place had wonderful accommodations and friendly people, as well as knowledgeable guides who showed us their beautiful world. Andry navigated around stalled transport trucks and packed visitor parking lots like a pro. He made our trip what it was!
Thanks, thanks, thanks! We would happily recommend your tour and guide services to any of our friends and colleagues wanting to make the journey to the opposite side of the world.
Courtenay, Doug and Brooke

Date: Thu 07/20/17 1:47PM
From: Maria-Villar

Message: Queremos agradecer a Baba y a su equipo su excelente trabajo. Hemos realizado con ellos un tour de 23 días por Madagascar. Teníamos a Alain de chófer (continuamente atento a su vehículo que llevaba siempre impecable a pesar del estado de las carreteras) y a Tsiory de guía (animador y profesor de malgache!) siempre atento a nosotros, con buena disposición y buen humor.
Gracias a ellos, hemos vivido unos días inolvidables por aquel precioso país que nos ha encantado.
Esperamos volver!
Mariví y Avelino

Date: Tue 10/18/16 7:37PM
From: Barbara

Message: Dear Baba, thank you very much for your perfect organisation of our trip in September.
We had a great time on Tsiribinha River with Daniel and his boat-team, who explained us much about the people living next to the river and who was a great entertainer every evening, keeping people together.
At the Tsingys de Bemaraha we saw wonderful landscapes and Patrick brought us savely to Kirindy Forest, the Baobabs and Morondava. He really was a careful and save driver!
The last part of the tour we made with Eric, another great driver and guide, taking us to several parks near Andasibe, to Pangalanes River with Palmerium lodge and to the ferry boat to Saint Marie. On this part we saw many lemurs, the AyeAye, chameleons and tiny frogs.
It was a wonderful experience, an impressing nature, cute animals and lovely people.
Thank you very much! Barbara and Thomas

Date: Tue 10/11/16 8:39AM
From: ingeborg

Message: @Baba & Nicolas,
Thank you again for organizing a wonderful holiday for our family. Madagascar is amazing and you showed us the best places around. We could not have picked a better agency.

@other travellers who consider booking through Madagascar Green tours (DO SO!!!!)

We travelled with a 5 family of 5(children 6, 10 and 12) for 3, 5 weeks through Madagascar and had a wonderful vacation organized by Baba Solomon.
Baba is the owner of Madagascar Green tours and a very nice trustworthy person who treats his customers and guide’s very well, maintains good connections throughout the country and on top of everything (calls several times a day to the guide to check if everything is OK).
I sent him a rough outline of the trip we wanted to make and asked him to organize it and advice on the itinerary where needed.
We ended up with an extremely nice and kind driver/ guide named Nicolas, who gives 200%. A comfortable well working minivan, without being flashy which is recommended, good accommodation, guides and activities.
Nicolas arranged everything even if we wanted to change something in the program he would take care of it, looked after our luggage, kept the minivan spotless, drove safely (we have seen several tourist vans speeding through towns, you do not want this!) and Nicolas even looked after our two youngest kids, taking them to lemur island so we could take a hike into the mountains with another guide.
In other words Baba will make sure that you travel with reliable guides who do look after the tourist as well as their country and its people. You will be in safe hands!!!
We booked with a local agent as we rather spent money with a local company directly. The international tour operators use local agents as well but mark up the price and pay less to the local agencies. We know for a fact that Baba does pay his guides well in comparison to most other tour operators and that he also provides them with a good allowance so they can sleep in a decent bed. Some of the guides sleep in the van as they do not receive an allowance and have to stay in driver rooms which are usually shared with 4-6 people.

Babas as well as his guides are well connected in Madagascar which is definitely a benefit as you are travelling in a country with limited resources and therefore it is good to know that they can make arrangements on the spot if necessary. We had one hick up with a flight which was solved within the day.

So we strongly recommend MGT!!
I made a bank transfer for the down payment and the domestic flight before arrival (Baba charges you the local ticket costs whereas most other tour operators charge you with the costs of a ticket as if you booked from abroad (20-25% more)) and it can take a while before the banks have processed but after two weeks the money was in Baba’s account .
And you will be lucky if you have Nicolas as your guide!!! He really made it a wonderful holiday But I am sure the other guides are nice too.

Date: Fri 08/19/16 10:51AM

Message: Un voyage inoubliable a Madagascar avec GREEN TOURS. J’ai apprécié enormenet le dévouement, les soins et le soutien qu'ils nous ont donné tout l'équipement du guide, Ricardo (parle en espagnol) et le reste (Baba, les conducteurs, les canoteurs, les cuisiniers, etc.) Leur travail ensemble nous ont fait pa**er 21 jours inoubliables à Madagascar. Je recommends 100% cette agence de Voyage pour l'excellente organisation, le meilleur rapport qualité / prix de tous les agences compares, beaucoup d'expérience, la fiabilité, la rapidité, etc. et un guide qui parle couramment l'espagnol. Répétez à nouveau sans doute! Merci pour tout! Bisous de Madrid!

Date: Fri 08/19/16 10:44AM

Message: Un viaje inolvidable por Madagascar gracias a GREEN TOURS. Agradezco enormemente la dedicación, atención y apoyo que nos brindó todo el equipo, desde el guía del tour, Ricardo (habla Español) como el resto (Baba, conductores, piragüistas, cocineros, etc.) Su trabajo en conjunto hizo que pasáramos 21 días inolvidables en Madagascar. Recomiendo 100% esta agencia de viajes por la excelente organización, la mejor relación calidad/precio de todas las agencias que comparamos, mucha experiencia, seriedad, puntualidad, etc. y un guía que habla perfectamente Español. Repetiría de nuevo sin duda con GREEN TOURS. Gracias por todo! Un abrazo desde Madrid!

Date: Mon 08/8/16 5:53PM
From: Conchita y Hugo
Email: conchitaaltea&

Message: My son & I have just finished a 23 days tour in the amazing Madagascar. I contacted a few agencies in internet and we chose Green Tour. Baba always adapted the trip to the areas we wanted to visit and our needs & suggested interesting places not to be missed. We enjoyed every single day of our trip.The guide Samson took a lively care of us,told us lots of traditions and was always nice and patient to our many requests. The tour was well tailored, visited a number of NP from Tana to Morondava & all the way down to the south west coast of Tulear (Mangily) were snorklying & wale watching is a must.
Local guides were carefully chosen with a good level of English. Hotels were good & well located.
Thank you Baba. Keep up that high level of service.

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